Shipment Monitoring As-A-Service (SMaaS)

SCMXpert’s global Shipment Monitoring as-a-Service (SMaaS) core products delivers end-to-end supply chain visibility, performance and compliance, by extending the capabilities of our client’s supply chain teams. SCMXpert’s portfolio of offerings leverages an array intelligent technology such as IOT devices, global communication network, cloud based analytical engine platform.

Our portfolio of comprehensive solutions delivers value to our clients by applying innovative methods, processes, concepts and tools collaboratively across the extended value / supply chain. Our team works to build trust and ownership among partners working across the boundaries of the organizations and geographies. Through the Supply Chain Control Tower, the SCMXpert platform monitors, controls and manages the process helping our clients identify inefficiencies, delays, wastage and leakages in the supply chain. Our solutions assist our clients to orchestrate an entire network of partners to support decision making, autonomous control and real time actions.

SMaaS enables Cold Chain Management by embedding a heat map in conjunction with IOT devices that can continuously monitor temperatures and relative humidity in real-time.

Shipment Tracking And Monitoring

Our platform tracks and monitors shipment characteristics across ocean ships, Airplanes, railcars, trucks, ports, routes,weather and other supply chain nodes leveraging Internet of Things (IoT); Using our proprietary artificial intelligence enabled dashboard provides real-time visibility to support proactive Supply Chain recommendations and decisions to mitigate supply chain risks.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Our ability to generate and gather data from constellation of IOT devices deployed around the world puts us in unique position to develop a repository of enormous information for several analytics usage across various transportation touch points such as airport, marine ports, transportation hubs, warehouses and 3PLs. Our analytics engine leverages Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence in combination with real time data to arrive at meaningful information and alerts.

Cold Chain Management

A cold chain is part of supply chain management for an environment-controlled shipment. An unbroken cold chain is an uninterrupted series of storage and distribution activities which maintain a given temperature and humidity range. It is used to help extend and ensure the shelf life of products such as fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen food, chemicals, APIs, vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs. SCMXpert platform ensures continuous and real time data monitoring to manage the cold chain from the point of production to the point of usage.

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