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Consumer And Industrial Products Supply Chain Management

Protecting high-value industrial and consumer products throughout the global supply chain is a complex challenge. Electronics, tobacco and alcohol, clothing, luxury goods, and other fast-moving goods are often at risk of theft, diversion or delay. Additionally, many high-value industrial materials are time-and-temperature sensitive. Knowing their condition as they progress through complex, global supply chains is crucial for maintaining raw material integrity, high process yields, and end-product quality and performance.

Getting all of these products to their destination—safely, securely and on time—is critical for maximizing revenues. That requires global supply chain visibility. SCMXpert has a comprehensive array of solutions that address the critical needs of consumer and industrial goods’ organizations at every step of their global supply chains:

Consumer and Industrial Products

SCMXpert Addresses Top-5 Supply Change Challenges of Consumer and Industrial Industry

  • Live monitoring of temperature levels on shipments
  • Transportation event logging and exception messaging
  • Supplier performance analysis and reporting
  • Liability and demmurage prevention
  • Shipment Insurance support

Global Supply and Cold Chain Management for Consumers & Industrial

We help ensure temperature and environmental requirements are maintained without interruption. Our solutions track temperature-sensitive industrial materials and products through all stages of the supply chain—from packaging and transportation to the warehouse and on to the manufacturer or consumer.

Supply Chain Optimization for Consumers & Industrial

When consumer and Industrial products are delayed in transit, business may suffer. To answer the question about, where is your product now? Is it on time or delayed? We proactively answer these key questions with our platform by providing the insight needed to address potential logistics performance problems before they impact the bottom line. SCMXpert addresses these challenges for mission-critical and high-value shipments, tracking different types of products at real-time basis.

Prevention of Theft and Adulteration

Controlling theft of temparature sensitive products is a large and growing business challenge for consumer and Industrial companies around the world. If the theft forces a manufacturer to recall products, the cost could be many times the value of the stolen products. Our solution solutions help to mitigate the risk, providing a verified chain of custody from a product's origin to its final destination.