SCMXpert is a division of Dhham LLC

As an Innovative Industry Leader in Supply Chain Management

SCMXpert’s global solutions track the quality, Integrity, and Security of Cargo at every stage of the journey. Our best of breed products, global command & control center and value-added services help our customers safeguard their products no matter their industry or location. We work with our customers to align with their bottomline while providing innovative solutions.

Multi-dimensional Global Compliance, Visibility and Control

Only SCMXpert has solutions for Visibility & Control, which provides Supply Chain Integrity and Efficiency for the following areas:

Supply chain Monitoring

Supply Chain Monitoring

Our platform tracks and monitors shipment data across ocean ships, airplanes, railcars, trucks, ports, routes, weather and additional characteristics. Our solution leverages Internet of Things (IoT) using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled dashboard. Providing real-time visibility to support.

Supply chain integration

Supply Chain Integration

We know that our clients require additional services to address their current pain points, so we have developed complementary Supply Chain offerings to be a one-stop shop. These include Strategy, Roadmap, Technology Integrations, RFID and Barcode Technologies.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Comprehensive Digital Transformation Services including developing Digital Strategies / Roadmap leveraging Automation, Blockchain and Business Analytics.

Sap Implementation

SAP Implementation

More than 20 years of experience in SAP business transformations. This includes Global End-to-End SAP S4 HANA Programs. The following services for SAP Implementations for new or existing users.

SCMXpert addresses Top-4 Supply Chain Challenges of the Industry

  • Real-time shipment
  • Real-time shipment location and Live monitoring of shipment quality
  • Real-time shipment
  • Transportation event logging and exception messaging
  • Real-time shipment
  • Logistics Partner performance analysis and reporting
  • Real-time shipment
  • Liability and demurrage prevention

Our Shipment Monitoring

Where is my Shipment

Live Location shipment data.

When and how did
it move ?

History of Location Movement tracking for months Path of shipment

Are temperatures

Outside temperature, inside temperature (probe) & Relative Humidity are recorded

How do we know shipment arrived?

Define Geo Fences, send alerts when the shipment arrives or departs from location

Today's Supply Chain is global,
and so is SCMXpert

As a leader in Supply Chain Visibility, we provide Innovative Solutions for maintaining the Quality, Integrity and Security of precious cargo at every stage of the journey, around the world.

Through our Industry-leading products, Global Command and Control Centers, and value-added services, we help companies across the industry spectrum protect their products, their customers and their bottomline.

Leader in Supply Chain Visibility

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